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M.I.A Where have I been?

I started off with good intentions, a blog post a week, regular posts on the gram, paid for posts... Well that failed quite quickly didn't it!

Truth be told, I went from being incredibly busy with deadlines, work and social activities to pretty much nothing. And with that went all my proactivity and instead procrastination set in. So, to get myself (and you guys) back into things, I thought it best to give you an update on Matchbox Interiors.

Since January I have been taking part in an online Interior Design course at the Interior Design Business School (IDBS). Well, two weeks ago I graduated! All finished and done, no more Saturday morning calls, course work and therefore deadlines. The issue I'm having with this is that I thrive off that kind of thing, I love a deadline, a plan and timelines. I LOVE organisation. Otherwise I fall into a some sort of 'funk' that is very hard to get out of. So I'm having to pull myself out of this pit and get used to managing my own time and motivating myself. I haven't been doing this, and with June now in full swing (not that you'd know it) I've decided to get myself back into action. What better time then when it's meant to be a shiny, happy time? (Don't get me started on this weather).

With that, I've been researching biophilic design and interiors - what the hell is this?! Biophilic design is a concept used within architecture and design to connect people using the space with the natural environment. That could be directly with nature and plants, indirectly with natural materials or just through the use of space and the place itself. I've been banging on for ages on my Insta about how I LOVE natural materials and plants so it feels like the perfect theme for me to explore more and introduce into my designs. There's so much to it and some really easy ways that we can bring this to life in our homes, and it's great in so many ways. Watch this space as I explore it further, find out about different elements and harp on about it even more. I'm sure I'll dedicate several posts to this in the future.

Anything else? That's it. Until next week.


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