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Interiors Trend: Act Natural

With sustainability, eco-friendly lifestyles and our environment moving steadily up on our priorities, there’s no better time to be introducing furniture items and decorative accessories made from natural materials into your home or living space.

So many furniture retailers, interior designers and architects have been thinking about this and integrating ethically-sourced materials in homes and properties for years. There’s even a growing trend around ‘vegan friendly houses’ where the materials used to build the properties are completely natural. That’s something I never thought would be on the agenda!

Not only are these materials and items great for the environment and potentially help to lower our carbon footprint somewhat, they can also help to create a lovely, relaxing living space. And they don’t use any nasty, potentially harmful substances.

There are a number of retailers that are really taking sustainability onboard when it comes to furniture. H&M Home is working to be using 100% recycled or sustainably sourced materials by 2030, IKEA has just introduced TÄNKVÄRD, a limited-edition collection that is made of sustainably-sourced natural fibre (and it’s super cool).

Here’s a list of a few things I’ve seen, made of natural materials that I absolutely love!

ELMLEY Natural Curved Rattan Easy-To-Fit Ceiling Shade - Habitat, £90.00

ELMLEY Natural Curved Rattan Ceiling Shade

Patterned Cushion Cover - H&M Home, £3.99 (don't forget to buy the cushion inner)

Patterned Cushion Cover

TÄNKVÄRD Clothes stand - IKEA UK, £45.00

TÄNKVÄRD Clothes stand

Taniko Rose Rug - Swoon, £199

Taniko Rose Rug

Twist Tweak Console Table - Tikamoon, £249

Twist Tweak Console Table

Alto Chair - West Elm UK, £699

Alto Chair

Patterned Cotton Tablecloth - H&M Home, £12.99

Patterned Cotton Tablecloth